Year 2 Assignments

Project 1

ASSIGNMENT BRIEF: The notion that there is life beyond our own planet has plague the imagination for centuries, the idea that we are not alone has been the starting point for hundreds of books, films, Computer Games and inspires many pieces of art. It continues to sell even today as we venture further out into the universe searching for the answer. Our Solar System has eight planets and five dwarf planets and we have been to none of these so who is to say that there is not life on these planets. Scientist? Because they have never been wrong about anything have they? The aim of this brief is to suggest that there are living forms within our solar system, create a creature big or small, aggressive or placid. Research into the planets and come up with a series of concepts based on what we know of the planets and their atmospheres along with our understanding of living things. You will research in to concept artist with in the games industry, looking at the use of technique to communicate their ideas and vision for the characters, Environments and assets within a game. You will find inspiration in the style Artists use and develop your own work in order to create a series of Concept art for you Alien. You will be required to thoroughly present the concepts using appropriate reference and contextual research. As with every assignment you will need to collect images and create reference pages to aid your idea development. You will work on series of sketches and develop your ideas to a final which you will further work on using both traditional and digital techniques. Once a final Creature has been decided this will be sculpted using Zbrush. And painted through poly paint. You render out you finished models and add to a detail concept sheet. You will record all of your work as you develop your ideas during the project using screen shots and InDesign. This is a digital project with a digital submission. This recording will form the basis of your assessment, all work must be evidenced. Please record all initial research and sketches to show the journey and progress of your ideas.


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